About us


Our move “movE program” is about providing people the efficient, affordable and a FUN way of city and outer city transport.


movE:     efficient     ecologically savy     easy

In an ever growing population finding a suitable way of commuting presents a challenge. Our company provides a number of products which present the future of commuting.

  • COMPACT MODEL: A foldable aluminum electrical bike ideal for the city transport. It can be folded and carried to your office or home. Forget the worries about finding a parking space or locking your bicycle . Wherever you go –  the bike goes with you! It fits easily into the trains, boat for  or into you car.
  • TREKKING MODEL: A strong aluminum e bike. With a range of up to 60 km it is perfect for the city or a countryside ride. It is a perfect transportation solution for your every day comutte, or it can be a perfect companion for your free time and recreation.

A perfect way of short city travel. Choose between our ALLOY (ET) model and super light CARBON FIBER (ET MINI). With a strong LG battery they will provide you enough range for your everyday commute. They are easy to use and can be folded in just seconds. You can bring your favourite ET wherever your going.